Royal County Car Club Meet.

On Wednesday, I popped along to the Royal County Car Club meet, which is held at the Shire Horse Pub in Maidenhead on the second Wednesday of each month. I got introduced to them through Lee, who's VW Golf I photographed a couple of weeks ago  (photo in the gallery). The plan was to meet up with the members and try and get some shots, however I was lucky enough to be able to light paint the cars. 

As its still early in the meet season, there were only a few cars there, but still enough to get some shots. 

I have to say, I was a bit nervous as I am when meeting new people, but all the club members were really friendly and up for talking about the mods to their cars. There was talk of going back for the next one, which I would love to do. 

The full album can be found here

And the club can be found here:-

If you wish to purchase any of the images as hi res files, please contact me directly. Images are £5 each. 

Thanks again to all the members of the club, for making me feel so welcome and let me snap their  awesome cars. 

Cheers for reading, 


Volvo V40 Project Car.

I have the pleasure in my day job to work for Volvo UK, one of the perks of the job, is I get access to some pretty nice cars. 

Recently our department have been building a track car, this is based on a Volvo V40 D4. The car has undergone some pretty extensive modifications to get it to how it is now. The car has undergone a full respray in Rebel Blue, along with a bespoke roll cage. It has also been fitted with a set of OMP racing seats and Sabelt 5 point racing harnesses. Chassis wise, it has been fitted with Polestar shock absorbers and springs. Also the exhaust has been changed for the Polestar stainless system with the rear diffuser to match. The air filter has also been upgraded to the matching Polestar one. The wheels have been changed for the Polestar 19" lightweight versions. ECU wise, this has been upgraded with the Polestar performance upgrade, this increases the power from, 190bhp/295Nm to 200bhp/325Nm. Which is makes quite a difference. Last night, I got to take some pictures of this lovely car, I used my Nikon D610 with a 24-70 2.8 lens. I used a Godox 120cm Octabox, with an Apture LED light panel to provide the light source and light paint the car. The images have been finished off using Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. Anyway onto the photo's. 

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment, as I would love to get feedback on the shots. 



Ford Focus Rolling Shoot

So I have become more interested in car photography more than ever recently. Having completed a Jessops Academy Motorsport day and also attending the Abingdon CARnival during the summer. I wanted to push my car photography further, I started to look into the world of rolling car photography. The turns out to be a very brave form of photography, as without the use of expensive camera rigs, as seen on programmes like Top Gear, the technique literally involves sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car whilst leaning out of the open window. When my friend Paul messaged me to say his Ford Focus RS was ready to have some photo's done. I jumped at the chance to try this technique out. He also brought along his friend Chris, who also had a shiny brand new Focus RS. 

Here you can see just how far out of the car I was, although this effect is heightened by the wide angle lens. 

After a few practice goes, adjusting shutter speed and aperture, it all started to come together and I began to get the shots I was after. My shot of the day is shown below and I used Adobe Lightroom to achieve the effect in the sky. 

You can see a few more from the shoot here

Thank you for reading, Jasper, JKS Photo.