Ford Focus Rolling Shoot

So I have become more interested in car photography more than ever recently. Having completed a Jessops Academy Motorsport day and also attending the Abingdon CARnival during the summer. I wanted to push my car photography further, I started to look into the world of rolling car photography. The turns out to be a very brave form of photography, as without the use of expensive camera rigs, as seen on programmes like Top Gear, the technique literally involves sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car whilst leaning out of the open window. When my friend Paul messaged me to say his Ford Focus RS was ready to have some photo's done. I jumped at the chance to try this technique out. He also brought along his friend Chris, who also had a shiny brand new Focus RS. 

Here you can see just how far out of the car I was, although this effect is heightened by the wide angle lens. 

After a few practice goes, adjusting shutter speed and aperture, it all started to come together and I began to get the shots I was after. My shot of the day is shown below and I used Adobe Lightroom to achieve the effect in the sky. 

You can see a few more from the shoot here

Thank you for reading, Jasper, JKS Photo.